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2013 New Year Resolution: Getting in Better Shape

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Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is official over many people are looking ahead like four days from now when 2013 officially begins. And with every New Year comes countless new year resolutions. With many eager to join a gym and lose

For these gym goers staying committed to their workout regimen isn't always easy but the results make it all worth it.

Anytime Fitness Member, Stuart Sheer says, "There are definitely times when it's hard to go to the gym or go for a run particularly when it's snowing outside but you just go do it after a while it becomes a lifestyle for you.

And with a New Year around the corner a healthier lifestyle seems to be on many people's minds.

Mary Simpson says, "I just need to stay healthy of course everyone's goal seems to be to lose five to ten pounds."

Mary Simpson is a dedicated gym member at YMCA with excellent attendance. She's no stranger to accomplishing challenging goals after completing the Grandma's Marathon.

But for those who need an extra push of motivation to start off the New Year on the right track, you might want to start with a less daunting goal.

Executive director at YMCA John Kind, says "Working out everyday maybe isn't realistic but maybe working out three days is realistic. I think if you talk to the doctor that's what they'll tell you set the right amount of exercise that you can lead up with that way you can be consistent."

That way you can accomplish your New Year's resolution of staying in shape... longer than you may have thought possible!