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MN Goes for 5th Straight Year of No Drunk Driving Deaths on NYE

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MANKATO, Minn. -

New Year's is typically a time for resolutions, and Minnesota law enforcement agencies have a resolution of their own: go for a fifth straight year of zero drunk driving deaths on New Year's Eve.

BEC Sheriff's Deputy Tom Coulter says, "Your going to see a lot of us out there working hard to try to combat this issue especially during this holiday time."

With New Years Eve on a Monday, you might think there would be less of a problem, but KATO cab owner Paul Hendrycks says it's always busy, no matter what day it's on.

Hendrycks says, "New Years Eve is the busiest night of the year, followed closely by homecoming. New Years we have every car that we have out there."

Law Enforcement agencies will also be out in full force, so officials say if you are drinking, plan ahead for a sober ride, or have cash ready for a cab

Hendrycks says, ""Let us be your designated driver and get you home."

In the last 10 years there have been eight drunk driving deaths during the New Years Holiday in Minnesota, but zero in the past four years.

Coulter says, "So we are making a difference, we just got to keep on it, we got to keep consistently working hard to deter the drunk driving."

It will only take one drunk driver to ruin the five–year streak, so law enforcement officials say if you drink and drive, they'll be looking to pull you over.

Coulter says, "They look at it as they got caught for DWI but we also look at it as we prevented someone from getting into a serious injury or death situation crash that could have been a rally bad situation."

So make safe choices this holiday, and continue them through the next year.