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Big Business's On New Years For Hotels And Bars

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New Years may be on a weekday this year, but owner of Bull Pucky's Beth Steinbach still expects a pretty big crowd Monday night. Steinbach says, "There seems to be a lot of people from out of town at this time. Plus I think students seem to be coming back into town too."

And while bar owners are prepping for an older crowd, Mankato City Center Hotel general manager Mattie Eggimann says it's more of a family holiday at her hotel. Eggimann says, "We get a lot of family groups that come in, because of our nice big pool area and the open space."

Working numerous New Years Eve's at the hotel, she says most of her customers plan ahead by booking a hotel room weeks in advance making News Years one of her busiest holidays. Eggimann says, "I think that people maybe like to get together with larger groups of people and sometimes that can be overwhelming to entertain in someone's home. So we give them a nice place that they can get together and do that."

But whether its families or single young adults, Steinbach says all New Years customers come out for the same reason. Steinbach says, "Celebration, celebration of the year and good things to come in the coming year and people ready to have a good time with friends."