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Fan Reaction

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The entire state of Minnesota was on their feet today as the Vikings beat their arch rivals.

With the pressure on, it was expected to be a close game, and was it a contest.  The Vikes had a hot start, but in typical Vikings fashion made it a game in the second half. 

Spinners, the local Packer bar, was filled with hopeful fans trying to knock out their neighbors.  Downtown Buffalo Wild Wings was also filled to the brim with Vikings fans hoping to cheer their team into the playoffs.  Packer fans were just as loud and into the game, and we're hoping to shut down Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson.

Carrie Schmillen, a Packers fan at Spinners, said, "All the way baby... AP going down!" He did not go down as he was the fan favorite.

All eyes were on Peterson today as he was chasing history.  Rushing for 199 yards, he was just nine yards short of beating Eric Dickerson's record.  Despite coming up short of the mark, he put the Purple in field–goal range for a game–winning score by Blair Walsh.  The fan reaction was loud as A–P was the crowd favorite.

Brandon Olson, a Viking fan at Buffalo Wild Wings says Adrian Peterson deserves the MVP.  Olson says, "Absolutely, because he's the best running back in the league."

Enjoy the victory now, because the Frozen Tundra is the Vikings next stop.