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Vacation bookings picking up speed in Mankato

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With cold temperatures closing out the month of December, you may have your sights set on a warm-climate destination as part of your vacation itinerary.

At Emerald Travel in Mankato, consultants say they've seen a steady flow of business thus far during the winter season. In fact, the agency says they expect vacation bookings to pick up in the near future.

Spokespeople for Emerald Travel say anywhere with a beach and warm temperatures is the number one request.

And if you're looking to go somewhere warm, travel consultants say it's highly advantageous to get the ball rolling now.

"You know definitely just looking at availability on everything, things are certainly booking up at resorts and flight-wise, so definitely the sooner things are booked the better," said Lauri Ludewig of Emerald Travel.

According to Emerald Travel, hot spots for this time of the year include Mexico and the Caribbean region.