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House Fire

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Yesterday a house was consumed by fire between Henderson and Belle Plaine in Sibley County.

Between 1:30 and 2:00 yesterday afternoon, fire crews arrived on the scene at 22295 305th Street near Blakeley.  

When fire fighters arrived on scene, they found the house already engulfed in flames.

Many fire departments were called in to help bring the water from the road up the hill to the house due to its remoteness and narrow driveway.  Belle Plaine fire department was there in addition to fire departments from Henderson, Gaylord, Green Isle, and Hamburg to try and put out the blaze.

Todd Otto, Assistant Fire Chief with the Belle Plaine Fire Departments said, "Preliminary causes was that it started in the mattress area by the wood stove, further investigation will be still be needed, that's preliminary."

The house belonged to Mark Neils and is now no longer inhabitable.  He was the only person living at the residence and was not injured.  However, one firefighter was overtaken by the heat.  He was checked out and later released on scene. 

Fire crews urge the public to be aware of fire danger in the home.  Otto says, "Just the simple fact that during the cold weather season just make sure you're very careful with wood stoves, any type of heating appliances, whether it be electric blankets anything like that.  Make sure combustibles are away from heat sources and don't leave them unattended."