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How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Without a Specific Diet

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Now that the Holidays are wrapping up we may be out of excuses to eat unhealthy. And for those looking for the reset button to ring in the New Year this may surprise you.

Erin Gonzalez says, "This years resolution maybe it's time to never go on a diet again and to continue to lose weight successfully."

So what's the catch? Registered Dietitian, Erin Gonzalez says often people fail on diets because they pay attention to what they are eating rather than why.

Gonzalez says, "It could be people that are really stressed loneliness, frustration, sadness, boredom, it's figuring out that piece that will lead to success."

Another road black with dieting Gonzalez points out- people lose the freedom to choose and make choices.

Gonzalez says, "When you're dieting you're going in and out of control, which is the "yo-yo" effect. What I try to help people is to become in charge of their choices. It allows them flexibility and to go into any situation and feel like they can make decision guilt free."

While Jeanne DeMars doesn't diet she is restricted to gluten free foods, she says she feels better when she eats clean.

Mankato Resident, Jeanne DeMars says, "I don't diet but I want my food to taste really good so I go for quality rather than quantity. I don't need mini donuts I don't want to waste calories."

Another tool that can help, consider downloading a non-calorie counting app for your smart phone such as "ifood dairy," which tracks your food intake, hunger level, and mood.

Gonzalez says, "It allows you to track, well how hungry before I eat a meal and how hungry am I afterwards because ideally we start at hungry and end at satisfied, versus starting at starving and end at stuffed."

A less complicated version to lose weight if diets just aren't your thing. Of course there are countless diets where people have been successful but if you want to try something different Gonzalez says to stop counting calories and put the scale away. Also, Pay attention to how you feel, the way your clothes fit and your energy levels.