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Tickets To Saturday's Tiebreaker

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With tickets costing more than $100 per person, it's considered the golden ticket for thousands of football fans, and Scott Wojcik has four of them. Wojcik says, "The tickets right now are sitting in a safe at my mom and dads how in Wisconsin."

Calling Wojcik a proud Packers fan, would be a bit of an understatement. Wojcik says, "I just make sure everybody who drives by knows who I root for."

Even though he lives in the land of purple and gold Wojcik says, "That's the only bad thing about being a Packer fan is that you do have some people that come and vandalize the stuff you have in your yard."

Vikings fan Kyle Mrozek says, "I know that there's also be Vikings merchandise that has ended up in his yard as well. To taunt him as well. But he's got dedication."

Despite his dedication, Wojcik's taking two Vikings fans with him to Lambeau field. Vikings fan Larissa Mrozek says, "We should have fun. Hopefully the fans treat us nice and we don't get into too much trouble at the game."

They may be rivals, but they both can agree on one thing. Larissa Mrozek says, "I think either way the car ride home is going to be long cause someone is going to be disappointed."

Wojcik says, "I know it will be a rough ride home."

The silent 6 1/2 hour ride back will be rough.