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New Ulm Man Facing Criminal Charges is Back in Court Today

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A New Ulm man accused of videotaping women in a shower without their knowledge was in court today.

Authorities say William Rolloff secretly hid a video camera and captured three female employees while they disrobed.

The alleged incidents took place at Langhorst Pork near Lafayette. Prosecutors say it's all the more serious because minors work at the facility.

Assistant Nicollet County Attorney, James Dunn says, " We presented the evidence and testimony from the Nicollet County Sheriff's office, investigator Kip Olson and photographs and audio recordings that he took and his investigation to establish that fact that we believe there is sufficient probable cause by setting up his camera this way he would be invading the privacy of someone under the age of 18."

Evidence collected by investigator Kip Olson included photographs of the shower and locker room and where the camera was located, which was tucked in a shirt aiming towards the shower.

Authorities say Olson also found teenage porn DVD's at Rolloff's residence in New Ulm

Defense attorney Allen Eskens argues that those DVD's are irrelevant to the case and are only being brought up to portray Rolloff in a bad light.

The prosecutor counters that it *is relevant because it shows that Rolloff may have been targeting the younger victim.

The defense will present a written argument by January 23rd, and the prosecution must reply by February 6th. If the felony charges aren't dismissed another hearing will be set.