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Re-Match Between Rivals is Bonus For Local Businesses

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The Vikings win over the Packers last week could be considered a belated Christmas gift to not only the Vikings fans but also local businesses.

The much anticipated re-match taking place tomorrow night at 7p.m. has businesses getting ready to host some big crowds.

Spinners Sports bar, which is the designated Packer hangout knows they'll have a huge turnout since the Packers are division champs and a playoff game against the Vikings will be great for getting people in the door.

Owner of Spinners Sports Bar, Shawn Ange says, "It should be great friendly atmosphere little chanting back and forth at one another like we had last week. It's great for business whether my Packers do well or the Vikings do well. It's always good for business in the area."

General manager at Buffalo Wild Wings, Todd Joyal says, "It doesn't get any better than this. Vikings against the packers playoff game first round wildcard win you move on. We're ecstatic the Vikes are in the playoffs. If gives us one more week knowing the crowds are going to be here."

Other bars may consider it a bonus that the Vikings made the playoffs even offering fans specials to come watch the game at their establishment and improve their sales.