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Picking News Year Resolutions for Your Kids

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10–year–old Brooke Hopkins wants to eat healthier in the New Year.

Brooke says, 'I've been doing pretty good so far, so I can stick to it.'

Her mom is helping her stay on track.

'Every week we try and add a new vegetable she hasn't tried before,' says Ronne Hopkins.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reminds everyone that New Year's resolutions aren't just for adults.. children should make healthy promises too.

Dr. Jennifer Sivitz with Hackensack University Medical Center says, 'it really is a family effort.'

Other suggestions for 5–12 year olds.. drink reduced fat milk and water, limit soda and fruit drinks to special occasions, wear a biking helmet, and be nice to other kids.

Experts say physical activity is a good resolution for children of all ages.

Try to find a sport or activity they like and encourage them to do it at least three times a week.

Dr. Sivitz says, 'the recommendation is 60 minutes a day and the other piece of that is limiting screen time less than 2 hours a day.'

And you're never too young to start resolutions.

Preschoolers may want to promise to brush their teeth twice a day, wash hands after the bathroom and before eating and put their toys away.

Brooke got a jump start on her goals.

She joined the Healthy Futures program at Hackensack University Medical Center 5 weeks ago.

Ronne Hopkins says, 'it's not about weight loss, it's more about making healthier choices for herself.'

Choices Brooke hopes to stick to through the year.. and the rest of her life.

As for teenagers... experts suggest resolutions to choose nonviolent TV shows and video games and resist peer pressure to try tobacco, drugs or alcohol.