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This Year's Snowmobiling Season: At Least It's Better Than Last Year

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Nicollet Co., MN -

For people like Jackie Johnson snowmobiling isn't a hobby...It's a way of life. Johnson says, "When I graduated high school I took my graduation money and bought my first snowmobile."

15–year–old Eric Jaster says his favorite type of snow on the trails is thick wet snow. Jaster says, "It helps it stick in and stay around a little longer during warm conditions."

The conditions aren't exactly idea but Nicollet County does have more than 100 miles of well–groomed trails, one of the Nicollet County Trail Association's missions. Nicollet County Trail Association president Brian Jaster says, "We try to cover the whole county with our trail and people like that."

With just 10 inches of snow so far this season, Jaster says he's just glad to get out on his sled Jaster says, "This year is obviously way better than last year obviously." 

Since the season started late, Jaster makes up for lost time by trekking through the trails all day. Jaster says, "You really don't think of the time you're spending out there. It's just, its great. I wouldn't trade it for the world."