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22-Year-Old Sandeen Suffers Heart Attack

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22–year–old Alyssa Sandeen is in the hospital after having a mild heart attack New Years Eve. Alyssa had her first heart transplant when she was eight because of a rare condition that caused her heart to swell to four times its normal size. Alyssa's Aunt Melissa Ridler says, "One thing my sister has said that I think fits perfectly is you know it's really ironic that a girl with such a big heart has had a failing one."

Ridler says despite everything her niece is staying positive. The Kato Ballroom is holding a benefit Alyssa and her family on Sunday January 27th from 1-7 p.m. The fundraiser includes an auction, bake sale, and live music from the AllStars Band. All proceeds will go towards Sandeen's ongoing medical costs.