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Sunny Skies Mean Long Lines at Car Washes

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Temperatures remained only in the low 20's Sunday, but withthe sun shining, many took their dirty cars to the car wash, making for somelong lines at area car washes.

Below average temperatures and cloudy days have kept peoplefrom washing their cars the past few weeks.

With all the salt and grime that gets collected on our carsduring the winter, the few sunny days where temperatures aren't cold make it anideal time to wash the car.

That dirt and grime also makes it inside the car as well,meaning many customers opted to get their interior detailed.

The day of the week and time do not seem to matter for carwashing businesses...

Jeff Johnson, Owner of Gerring's Car Wash, said, "If the weatheris right it can be busy all day long."

When washing your car, it is also a good time to checkthe amount of windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle and perform routineinspections