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Fundraising For Safety

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The recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has made everyone aware of the need of safe schools, even here in Southern Minnesota.

Many would agree that Martin County West High School and the rest of the district, are safe schools, but as the recent tragedy has told us, we can always do more to keep our children safe.

Stephanie Truesdell, one of the parents spearheading the campaign, says, "There is always room for improvements and there's always something that can be done to make everything better."

School safety is always a concern with parents and faculty members, but sometimes the money just isn't there.  That's why at Martin County West High School, they are taking matters into their own hands.  With government and district money in short supply, the goal is to avoid using that money and instead fund the projects through community fundraising.

The parent group, led by Ike Krogman and Stephanie Truesdell, are going for more than just added security cameras; they want a more all-encompassing theme of safety for the school and the district.

Krogman says, "You can watch a football game and they can tell you if a football player's foot touched on the line or something, but I can't tell you how a child fell down out on the playground."  With grandchildren in the district, he has had this idea for a while.  Krogman used to be a traveling sales representative and noticed how it was harder to get to appointments than it is to walk into schools.

Both Krogman and Truesdell want to make a point, this is not just a one-time fundraiser.  This is a long term effort for a variety of different projects.

"This is going to be onward and upward and it will be done," Krogman says.

They will have their first meeting at the Martin County West High School cafeteria this Wednesday at 7:30.  Those in the area are asked to attend and bring their ideas for fundraising.