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Gun Control Issue Goes to Forefront in Washington D.C.

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Two years ago today a gunman opened fire in Tucson, Arizona killing six people and injuring more than a dozen -including Gabrielle Gifford's. Now the former Congresswoman is launching a new effort to curb gun violence at the same time the Obama administration is holding meetings to hash out a new gun control strategy. Friends and family are marking the moment when a gunman opened fire in a Tucson, Arizona parking lot two years ago today.  Today Gifford's and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, launched a new political action committee aimed at reducing gun violence. Last week Gifford's met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg - a gun control advocate. The group he founded called Demand a Plan - is airing ads with the mother of the youngest victim in the Tucson shooting. (

The shooting at Sandy Hook elementary sparked an Obama administration push to prevent gun violence. The President wants to present Congress with new legislation in the coming weeks.  Vice President Joe Biden is leading the administration effort and plans a series of meetings this week with gun owners, victims' organizations and the video game industry. The President has already called on Congress to reinstate a ban on military style assault weapons but he faces a challenge from National Rifle Association and its supporters. A group of gun rights advocates in Washington is planning a gun appreciation day just two days before the President's second inauguration.

The White House says the President wants to outline a gun violence plan during his state of the union address. Vice President Biden is expected to deliver not just recommendations for new legislation, but to also propose action the President can take without needing any approval for Congress.