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Man Crashes Vehicle Into Mankato Home

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Two people are sent to the hospital after a man crashes hisvehicle right into the living room of a Mankato home Thursday afternoon.

KEYC had a reporter on scene shortly after public safety gotthe call. At that time things were pretty hectic, police were directing trafficaround the about a dozen public safety vehicles, crews were working to get thedriver safely out of the vehicle, and people were coming out of their homes tosee what all the commotion was about.

Onlooker Miguel Martinez says, "It's just incredible, Ihope nobody got hurt."

The crash took place at the intersection of Warren andBalcersak,

Cmdr Pam Hermanson with the Mankato Department of Publicsafety says, "The vehicle was apparently traveling west on Balcerzak andended up inside the living room of the residents."

Two people were home at the time.

Deputy Director Jeff Bengtson says, "The driver of thevehicle was taken to the hospital by ambulance, one of the occupants went tothe hospital to get checked out by personal vehicle."

A few drivers witnessed the crash, but police say they havenot yet determined what caused the man to hit the house, what they do know isthat the residents won't be staying at home tonight.

Bengtson says, "We had the building official out toassess the damage and determine the structural stability, it was determined thehouse was uninhabitable right now."

Police are still investigating what caused the man to run thestop sign and end up inside the living room of the home.