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Quist Wins GOP Endorsement in 19A

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Former state representative Allen Quist has been awarded the Republican endorsement for District 19A.
The vote taken just hours ago puts Quist in the driver's seat in the race to replace DFL representative Terry Morrow.
Of the 41 votes cast, Allen Quist came away with 35 of them, giving him a first ballot victory and the Republican Party endorsement.
Quist says, "I want to thank all the Nicollet County and Blue Earth County Republicans for putting their confidence in me, choosing me as their candidate I am going to work very hard and put forth the message of limited government to the public."

Quist defeated Joel Brinker, who spent time on the St. Peter City Council, and Jim Golgart, a veteran and long-time officer with the Veterans Affairs Office in Le Sueur County.

Quist hopes to pick up right where he left off in his contest against Congressman Tim Walz last November, touting a ready to go campaign team at tonight's convention. Though he may be facing a bluer electorate than he did in Minnesota's first.

Quist says, "I wouldn't call it a DFL stronghold, but it definitely leans DFL, but I think people ultimately want someone who works in a bipartisan way, which is my record. I'm very bipartisan and I'm a good government guy."

Before the vote, delegates were informed both Quist and Joel Brinker would abide by the endorsing convention.

Jim Golgart said he was undecided, but would make his decision known in a press release in the coming days.

A primary, if needed would be held January 29th.

The general, which will decide who takes Representative Morrow's seat will be held on February 12th.