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Mankato Cable Guy Retires After 52 Years of Service

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A Mankato cable guy retires after over 50 years of helping bring KEYC and other channels to local viewers.

In 1960, the same year KEYC went on air, then 18–year old Charlie Carter climbed his first utility pole and started installing cable—a new phenomenon at the time—in customers' homes.

Carter says, "It was big, people were waiting because down in the valley, they couldn't get off air signal or over air signal, so the cable was a big deal."

The company, now owned by Charter, has changed ownership a few times over the past half century, but Charlie had remained constant. He has also continued to climb poles right up to his retirement.

Carter says, "You just get up and go to work every day and pretty soon, it's 52 years."

Charlie enjoys fishing the Mankato lakes for walleye, bass and crappie and he plans to do more of during retirement.