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It's Not Too Late to Get The Flu Shot

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It's no swine flu, but this year's flu season is far from fair. Betsy Bassett says, "It hit me like a ton of bricks and I was instantly freezing. I was just out." 

Bassett may be just about finished fighting her flu bug, but Dr. Scott Helmers believes the flu season is far from over Scott Helmers, MD says, "Since we don't know that it will be over right way, we would certainly urge anyone to be vaccinated."

Last year Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato had less than 10 patients require hospitalization for the flu, so far this year they've had 90. Chief Medical Officer for Mankato's Open Door Clinic Kimberly Wernsing says, "It's more important for them to get that shot so that they don't end up with a worse illness and end up in the hospital."

Wernsing says if money is an issue, her clinic's fees are based on a sliding scale. Wernsing says, "If you really want your flu shot we will do the best we can to make sure you get it."

Bassett says with or without the shot she always seems to get a bad bug. Bassett says, "With the different strands it's like you could get a flu shot yet you could still you know get the flu you could still get sick. To me you know it's kind of a waste of time and money."

But Dr. Helmers says everyone should give the vaccine a shot. Helmers says, "I think it leaves one much more vulnerable to getting influenza and certainly there are people who do suffer with it."