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Martini Glass on Wine Café's Rooftop gets a Reprieve from the Mankato City Council

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The controversial martini glass on Wine Café's rooftop gets a reprieve from the Mankato City Council.
The city initially said it needs to come down because it was violating city code. But tonight the city council voted unanimously to amend the rooftop ordinance in the city center area. Although there will be some restrictions, the approval means the martini glass will stay put.
Wine Café Owner says, Mike Baumann says, "I think it's a huge step, especially what we did for old town and the City Center. And I think it's great that the city is working on this with us."
Christina Sticha says, "It just adds that spark and it's visually appealing but yet not distracting."
Some of the restrictions include that the approved skyline logo must be on a building that's at least three stories. Also the building can't be within 200 feet of another building with a skyline logo.