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Debit Card Fraud Being Investigated in St. Peter

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The St. Peter Police department is investigating after residents' debit cards were used to make unauthorized purchases in different states, and in one case, a different country.

A handful of people reported to police that their cards had been use fraudulently by someone else, but in all the cases, they still had the card in their possession.

After finding that many of the victims had used their cards at the same retailer, police believe a third–party card processor may be responsible for the fraud, but they are still investigating.

Chief Matthew Peters says, "We simply try to find common denominators. The Secret Service is the federal agency that deals with these types of fraud cases, we have been in contact with them, so there may still be things we can do on these types of fraud."

Peters says be sure to file a report with local police if you notice any unauthorized transactions on your cards, it can help with current investigations and prevent similar cases in the future. Peters says nearby cities and counties have also seen a handful of debit card fraud cases recently.