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MN Security Hospital Ordered to Address Discrepancies

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After a man stabbed his mother multiple times while on a daypass from the Minnesota Security Hospital last may, and on the same day,another escaped from the hospital.

The Department of Human Services said the facility didn'tmishandle the incident, but the hospital isn't completely off the hook.

On May 8th, Burton James Ewing left the Minnesota SecurityHospital on a day pass with his mother, then ended up stabbing her at SevenMile Creek Park later that day.

In a separate incident the same day, William Daniel Pfefferescaped from the Hospital, and was found the next day by law enforcement.

State regulators who investigated said there is no indicationthe facility mishandled the incident.

But the hospital was ordered to address discrepancies intheir security level and grounds privileges policies and procedures.

A Violation and Correction order issued by the Department ofHuman Services says the hospital failed to monitor the execution of theirpolicies and procedures by staff.

For starters, the facility had several policies when it cameto patient security levels and ground privileges, and all of those policesweren't consistent.

Plus staff practices weren't consistent with the policies andprocedures that were in the books.

For instance, Pfeffer was classified by staff as securitylevel five, under policy that mean he had "full campus liberty," butstaff persons stated that a patient at level 5 might have a "buddy"or "two person" privileges.

The Corrective Action Order calls on the hospital to sort outtheir policies.

The hospital has until early February to submit a revised setof policies and procedures for security levels and ground privileges.

If they miss the deadline, they risk being fined or even losingtheir license.

Burton Ewing's court case is still pending in NicolletCounty.

He is currently facing five felony counts.