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Mankato Renews Detox Contract

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The city of Mankato has renewed its contract with Blue Earth County for transporting intoxicated citizens to detox facilities. Under the contract most people are transported to a detox facility in New Ulm. It costs roughly 65 dollars an hour for transportation. The city is looking into other possible options for the future including working with universities. One idea they are looking into is finding a way to get dorm staff to care for its intoxicated students. In Mankato an estimated 500 people each year are transported to detox facilities. The city is also looking into finding a responsible adult to take care of the intoxicated individual, rather than taking police officers away from their job. Mankato Public Safety Director Todd Miller, "We think that there are better ways to deal with it but until we come up with an answer, we have to do the transport and that's why we need the contract to be able to get reimbursed at least for those costs."

Until then, law enforcement is responsible for transporting these individuals to and from detox facilities.