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MCHS and St. Peter's River's Edge Battle Over Patients

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There's trouble brewing between St. Peters Rivers Edge Hospital and Mayo Clinic Health System.
Leadership from Rivers Edge sent a letter to Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson in October, alleging predatory business practices, and requesting an investigation. 
In their letter to the Attorney General, River's Edge says doctors at the MCHS St. Peter Clinic were lying to patients that requested to stay at River's Edge for their treatment, saying it was full, which they feel is unethical and possibly illegal.
River's Edge CEO Colleen Spike says, "Deceptive trade practice means that someone is saying something about someone else's business that isn't true. And we know for a fact we have not been full of patients and so by having patients being told this we know that is a deceptive trade."

The harshly worded letter says the tactics are being employed in an attempt to purchase the hospital outright, and continues by laying out how they feel Mayo is monopolizing medicine in southern Minnesota, listing examples from hospitals in Madelia, Springfield and Fairmont.

Spike says, "All that I want from all of this is that patients be given the right to choose. If they choose to go to Mankato, that is fine. But they need to be allowed the chance and that's what's not occurring now."

In a statement released today, MCHS says they are aware of the letter, but have not been contacted by the Attorney General's office, adding that they are proud of their record in health care.

MCHS and St. Peter are currently putting together a commission to work through the issues.