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President Unveils Plans For Gun Control

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President Obama unveils his plan to curb gun violence in America. With help from Vice President Joe Biden, the package was put together after meetings with victims of gun violence, video game makers, and the NRA. 

 President Obama is calling for a new ban on military style assault weapons like the one used in the Newtown School shooting massacre. It's part of his plan to curb gun violence that focuses on gun sales, education and mental health.

The President will also ask Congress to ban all firearm ammunition magazines containing more than 10 bullets. He'll seek criminal and mental health check for all gun buyers including at gun shows and private sales. Many pro-gun rights lawmakers have already expressed opposition to these measures specially a ban on assault weapons.

The President will need approval from Congress for new restrictions on gun sales but the White House plans to use Executive Orders to enact other proposals. There will be new efforts to stop school bullying and to increase mental health services. The President is also expected to order funding for schools that want to hire armed security guards. But the National Rifle Association wants armed guards in every school releasing a web-ad that suggests the President is a hypocrite for using the Secret Service to protect his daughters. Polls show a majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws but in recent weeks gun sales have skyrocketed across the nation.