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Wil Burdorf Is KEYC Jefferson Good People Award Winner

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New Ulm, MN -

Whether he's in his van as a volunteer driver for the Disabled American Vets, on the baseball field coordinating youth tournaments or serving in the Lion's club New Ulm Wil Burdorf keeps busy.  Wil Burdorf says,  "Military life was with me, I just carried it forward. The way I look at it, the World War One, World War Two vets took care of us so now its our turn to take care of everyone else." Wil joined the Air Force in 1959 and spent the next 33 years serving our country. But retiring from the military didn't mean retiring from service. He's a very active volunteer in the American Legion and VFW organizations groups that work to support troops overseas and their families left at home. "With military pride they don't want to ask. But this way they can come to us and we'll find resources for families who need help." Wil strongly believes veterans should join him in these front lines. "The bigger our organization is, the more power we have in Congress to get benefits these individuals have earned." Wil has no plans of slowing down. "With the good Lord willing, I'll keep going as long as I can." Wil Burdorf, a KEYC/Jefferson Good People Award recipient.