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Proposal to Help Pedestrians Navigate Downtown Mankato

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Mankato's downtown is a friendly place to be, but it may be a little difficult to navigate your way around if you aren't familiar with it.

Downtown Mankato could look drastically different if one proposal gains approval.  The City Center Partnership is in the information gathering stage of a proposal called the Front Street Connectivity Plan.  The idea is to try to make downtown and old–town one cohesive corridor, focusing on Front Street.

Eric Harriman, Coordinator of City Center Partnership said, "Downtown, or in this case our city center, is a very dynamic place and it takes all those modes of transit with a special emphasis on pedestrian design to come together and really create a special environment."

Ideas both large scale and small are being considered to try and unite the corridor.

Ryan Acker was a pedestrian on the street this afternoon.  When asked, Acker said "It's too bad because the two areas of town have a lot in common and would benefit if it was more connected."

Even businesses could benefit from the proposal.

Jay Reasner, Operating Partner at 500 Pub, said "Absolutely, anytime you make it easier for somebody to get somewhere it's going to obviously it's going to improve the ease and hopefully get return business after they find you the first time."

City Center Partnership is holding a meeting for the public to gather their ideas for the proposal this Tuesday from 1:00 to 5:00.  The proposal would have to be approved by civic leaders, businesses, and the community.

There are limited seats, but if you would like to attend, please call 507–388–1062 for location information.