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Standoff in North Mankato Ends in Shootout, One Person Dead

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A standoff in North Mankato ends with one dead, and many questions remaining.
The incident started just before ten this morning, ending in gunfire around 2:15. 
According to North Mankato Police, a man at the 1610 Lor Ray Drive address at the top of the hill on Lee Boulevard was killed after a three-hour stand off with law enforcement officials from throughout the area.

Authorities say that the person involved in the standoff is in fact dead, but are not releasing his name or age, nor what touched off the whole incident, saying only that the BCA has been brought in to investigate.
North Mankato Police Chief Chris Boyer says, "The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been contacted to conduct an investigation into the incident. At this time, the Minnesota BCA, including the crime scene unit are actually conducting interviews and crime scene work. This is the only information we'll be able to release at this time. Hopefully some more information to follow tomorrow. So we won't be taking any questions today."

Authorities arrived on what they called a welfare check at the property around ten, blocking off access to traffic on all sides.

After several hours of trying to contact the man inside, the tactical team tried to gain entry from multiple points of the home.

You can faintly hear the calls of 'shots fired' in the background, with the tactical team withdrawing from the vicinity.

About a half hour later, the tactical team tried again.

Upon the second round of gunfire, an ambulance pulled into the driveway, and short while later the man was carried out on gurney, and driven away to MCHS.

As you heard from Chief Boyer earlier, more details are expected to be released tomorrow.