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After Tragedy, Calls to Improve Co. Road 28

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In light of the tragedy of Hannah Gamble her best friend who you just heard from, Abigail Malecha is speaking out on how dangerous that particular stretch of County Road 28 can be. 
Malecha is sadden by grief and frustrated by the yesterday's accident that hits home to her. Malecha says, "It's really weird that happened to hear then it happened to us last year."

About year ago Hannah's best friend and her brother were involved in a similar accident on the same curve. Now she's calling on action from county officials so something like these can be prevented in the future."

Malecha says, "This needs to get done. I mean there have been so many accidents there because it's a curve and when the roads are slippery you're going to go in the ditch if you don't pay attention."

Last December, she and her brother rolled their vehicle and slammed into a tree, which they say saved them from falling down the embankment.

Malecha says, " It's dangerous. I mean if you're even going five miles over the limit you have need to be so careful."

Abigail and Hannah made it a habit to drive to school together and they promised each other they would avoid that road to stay more safe.

Malecha says, "We told each other we weren't going to take that road anymore and take 83 so that didn't happen to us."

Their mother, Cory Schultz expressed her concern calling on action from county officials demanding fixes to Blue Earth County Road 28 like adding a guardrail so yesterday's tragedy doesn't happen again.