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Neighbors React To North Mankato Shootout

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When Marcia McConville got home Thursday her neighborhood looked like something out of a movie.

McConville said, "The police had already surrounded the home right away and I called my neighbors because I was concerned about what was going on because obviously it was serious."

Just beyond her backyard where she would often see 83–year old Lloyd Tschohl mowing his lawn she could instead see officers with guns and hear them trying to communicate with her neighbor.

McConville said, "They wanted him to come out and they wanted him to know that they didn't want to hurt him."

At one point McConville was washing dishes and heard multiple gunshots.

"It was like fire works," she said.

And realized just how close to the action she was.

"When all the shooting started happening all at once, then I heard something hit the house and I mean I flinched," said McConville.

After everything had calmed down she went outside to find a hole in her siding.

She said, "I'm not sure it's a bullet shot, but it was very coincidental."

The damage to her siding is minimal compared to the emotional damage of whole the ordeal.

"Very shocking experience, and very traumatic," McConville said.

Neighbors say Tschohl usually kept to himself, but they would often see him walking around the neighborhood.

McConville recalled her observations of him, saying, "When I would see him he was always very kind to me and kind of had a silly sense of humor."

She finds it hard to imagine the man she lived near for ten years was involved a shootout, but McConville says she trusts the judgment of law enforcement."

McConville said, "I've always been very grateful for everything they've done. I've always feels safe here."

But no one ever imagines something like that happening in their backyard.

"It's just a tragedy and it's very sad and you know we..." she said, chocking up, :I think we were all very upset. He was a nice guy."