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Mankato Hosts Inaugural Craft Beer Expo

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MANKATO, Minn. -

It was a beer lovers dream Saturday in Mankato.

The inaugural Mankato Craft Beer expo offered a meeting placefor craft beer enthusiasts and 40 brewers from here in Minnesota and across thecountry.

Attendees had the opportunity to sample hundreds of varietiesof beer, and learn what went into making each variety.

Beer enthusiast Phil Ochs said, "You can try a lot andthen when you go to the liquor store you can be like, well I like this, and youcan try a variety of stuff without having to worry about spending too muchmoney."

Mankato Brewery head brewer Bobby Blasey said, "It'ssomething that's a little closer to home enough for all the local people, allthe local craft beer lovers, for them to come and have something where theydon't have to drive and be gone from home for ever."

The event didn't only focus on consuming beer, therewas also educational seminars on suds–making and home brewing, along with apresentation on the history of brewing in Minnesota.