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Minnesota's First Professional Snowmobile Hill Climb

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It's one of the few sports that has you race up a hill instead of down. 8-year-old Javin Otto says, "It's really cool actually it's a whole bunch of action and people trying to get up, which is the main idea."

Javin's never competed in a hill climb, but he loves to snowmobile. Javin says, "Well it's just a fun sport that we can do in the winter and it's not too complicated. I'm really good at it."

River Valley Dutchmen Snowmobile Club member Brittney Raatz says this isn't your typical hill climb. Raatz says, "This one has jumps and then you have to go through the gates. So with the gates you go around the gates and then whoever gets to the top the fastest is the qualifier."

The top four climbers will go on to the World Championship in Jackson Wyoming. Racer Tim Stadick says, "It's as good as it gets it's the super bowl of snowmobile climbs."

And with the tough terrain just making it to the top gives you a pretty good shot at qualifying. Stadick says, "It's anybody's game."

Stadick says, says the sport is fairly safe and snowmobiles take on most of the damage. But admits it takes a lot to courage to climb and conquer.

Javin says his dad wont let him compete in extreme climbs like this. Javin says, "Well he wouldn't let me I would just try to go."

 But when he's older he says nothing's going to stop him from competing in the climb.