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Going In Depth On The Dakota War

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Lauren Sundboom says too many people don't know about the US Dakota war. Even less know about St. Peter and Fort Ridgley's role in the war which is why Curtis Dahlin is speaking to the Nicollet County Historical Society about this subject. Dahlin says, "It's in the detail that you find the interesting things."

Surrounded by history buffs Dahlin says there is still plenty people can learn. Dahlin says, "It was a huge event even though for St. Peter there was no attack."

Like how an estimated 8,000 refugees stayed in St. Peter's small town of 1200. Archivist for the Nicollet County Historical Society Bob Sandeen says, "I don't think I've yet to find anyone who has not become fascinated by the information that's out there."

Sundboom says he's here to get closer to answering two very important questions. Sundboom says, "A better understanding of what happened and why."

Dahlin says we'll probably never fully understand why, but if we don't try, our history will be doomed to repeat itself.