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Discussing The Fallen

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The lecture wasn't the only Dakota history lesson taking place in St. Peter.  Gustavus Adolphus College hosted a round table discussion today in commemoration of the Dakota Mass Execution of 1862.

Members of the Dakota community as well as the local community came to participate in the discussion today.  The round table focused on a variety of topics, including some of the hard truths about our state's history and the need for equality.  The group also discussed the need to educate students in schools about what really happened in the state's early years.

Dr. Chris Mato Nunpa, who was the moderator of the discussions, says "Start teaching it and tell the truth, that's what I really like so that it's taught in the schools."  Dr. Mato Nunpa is a Dakota member.

Reconciliation was another main talking point between the Native American tribes and the United States government as many treaties between the two were broken by the government as our country expanded.

Rev. Sidney Byrd, of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, was also present.  Byrd says, "Now is the time for the process of reconciliation to take place.  It's long overdue so that we can live together as brothers and sisters for we all belong to as I said, one race, the human race."

In addition to the thoughts shared during the roundtable discussion, singers were also on hand to perform some Dakota hymns.