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Cold Creating Headaches For Southern Minnesota

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If you step outside today you'll probably want to go right back in. The low in Mankato dropped to 9 below and we won't even reach above zero for a high. The extreme cold is causing headaches for people trying to get around. Even cars don't want to start in these temperatures! Dead batteries and flat tires were a common sight this morning for towing companies. Ryan Vonessen with Abel Towing says low tire pressure and low fuel are two causes of car troubles when it comes to the frigid temperatures. You also need to start your car often. Ryan Vonessen says, "When it comes to the cold before you go to bed go start it, let it run for 20 minutes. Get up in the morning start it right away if you're going to leave it sit for a while. If it sits for a few days you got a weak battery it may not even start come tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning."