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Police: Accused Party Crashers Suspected of Theft

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Three men are arrested accused of stealing items from two parties near MSU Mankato.

Mankato police say they were called twice, just after 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning to an apartment building on the 1300 block of Warren St. Officers say they saw five men chasing two other men.

Police apprehended the two and the victims identified them as two of the three party crashers they say stole items before leaving the parties.  Mankato Department of Public Safety, Police Commander Amy Vokal, said, "At that point we were able to we searched the people, we found they were in possession of some electronic equipment to include: a cell phone and a computer."

Later on, officers noticed a man who fit the description of the third party crasher, walking without a coat in sub-zero temps. His suspicious behavior led police to investigate further.  That man, 19 year-old Olok Olok, of Mankato, was identified as the third person involved in the alleged theft. Also arrested is 18-year-old Jeremiah Nyikew, of Austin and 22-year-old Chol Olok of Mankato.

Requested charges for all three include: First degree Burglary, Computer Theft, and Possession of Stolen Property.