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Frozen Sunshine: Surviving the Winter Blast

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Cold Canadian air has taken its icy grasp on Southern Minnesota today, and the cold does not seem to be letting up.  Our low temperature last night was –9 and temperatures remained below zero for most of the day.

Our high today will be right around 0.  To say it is cold is an understatement.  Factor in wind chills that feel about –35, and it feels like a real winter out there. 

Steve Fett, who was in Mankato today to test drive a new car, says, "The wind doesn't help, but considering its two below zero, it isn't really too bad."

The cold didn't help those trying to drive to work this morning.  Ryan Vonessen of Abel Towing said that the problems started last night around 9:00 with jump starts and lockouts.  "When it comes to the cold before you go to bed go start it, let it run for 20 minutes. Get up in the morning, start it right away if you're going to leave it sit for a while. If it sits for a few days you got a weak battery it may not even start come tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning" Vonessen said.

It is also good to check your tire pressure.  When the temperature drops, the air contracts, creating a lower tire pressure that can be dangerous to drive on.

When it's cold, there is one thing to distract ourselves from shivering.  "Hawaii comes into mind, Cancun maybe.  Nope for this time of year what do you expect, it's Minnesota!" says Fett.