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President Obama Begins Second Term

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President Obama is back at work today. As he laid out yesterday, the President's planning to tackle several major issues in his second term. But Republicans are already saying not so fast.

President Obama started his day at church. He attended the inaugural National Prayer Service- a tradition that dates back to the days of George Washington. After the event he dives into to work of his second term. The President outlined an ambitious agenda during his inaugural address. He plans to tackle some of the most contentious issues of the day - including gun control, immigration, and climate change.  Republicans on Capitol Hill plan to challenge much of the President's second term agenda. They are agreeing with one of the President's demands but there's a catch. Tomorrow, House Republicans are expected to pass a bill that will allow the government to borrow money to pay it's bills for the next few months. But this debt limit deal demands Democrats in the Senate do something they haven't done in four years pass a budget. Crews outside the Capitol are cleaning up from the swearing in ceremony where politics took a back seat but politics will be front and center with lawmakers back at work. One of the first items on President Obama's to do list is to finalize the next phase of the draw down of U.S., troops in Afghanistan.