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Cold Weather Safety Tips For Children

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Despite her son's protests, Angie Becker gets her three boys ready for the walk to school. Becker says, "I'm the motivator get moving come on you're going to be late."

The three blocks takes less than five minutes, but she still insists her boys bundle up. 9–year–old Caleb Becker says, "I put on my snow pants my inter coat, a sweatshirt under my winter coat, hats and gloves."

14–year–old Ethan Becker says, "It's a short walk, but it's kind of cold out there."

Dr. Scott Helmers says even on short walks cold related injuries can occur. Helmers says, "For a small child one could almost say just a matter of only a few minutes."

In addition to encouraging kids to wear the proper outerwear Helmers says there are two other important factors parents should consider when sending their kids outside. Helmers says, "The temperature and the wind–chill together because those things would determine how rapidly one cools and especially how skin cools."

After making sure her boys will be warm and out the door on time. Becker keeps herself warm inside her home with a hot cup of coffee.