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Spring Creek Legacy Grant

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Brown County, Minn. -

Brown County Commissioners are taking action to fix an erosion problem in a local stream.  The board signed a Legacy Grant agreement with the Minnesota DNR today.

Spring Creek is a small creek is about seven miles North of Sleepy Eye almost right at the junction of Highway 4 and the Minnesota River.  Without drought conditions, it is a beautiful stream but has an erosion problem. 

This morning at the Brown County board meeting, members signed the agreement that will allow the DNR to work on about 35 projects to preserve Spring Creek by stabilizing the banks. 

With its steep banks, John Knisley, Brown County Water Planner, says it doesn't feel like fishing in Minnesota.  "I would say if you get a chance to go down there and check it out it's a wonderful stream and when you're fishing in it if feels like you're in the mountains, the water is crystal clear" says Knisley.

The Minnesota DNR has designated Spring Creek as a trout stream, one of only a few in the region.  The erosion causes dirt to cloud the water.  Erosion is also causing people who live in the area to lose land.  Andrew Lochner, Brown County Commissioner of District 4, says "With all the erosion going on the people living in that area want some help stabilizing the stream bank and hopefully they can build it into a great trout stream after this."  Spring Creek is in Lochner's district.

The grant is worth about $320,000 with $280,000 going into stabilizing the stream banks.  "I just hope it works" says Lochner.  They have until June 30, 2016 to use the money.