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Riverbend Academy's Jim Timmerman Wins Golden Apple Award

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The weather may still be cold, but there's one area teacher whose heart warms the classroom, Jim Timmerman.  A Riverbend Academy teacher is our latest Golden Apple Award winner.

Many of us know them as teachers, but at Riverbend Academy the title is a little different,an advisor.  Either way you say it, Jim Timmerman is an educator who cares.  Whether it's helping students with a math question or with their future plans, Timmerman is there to hold the map, leading them down a path of success.

"Each student presents both a unique set of challenges but also a unique set of opportunities and you try to work very closely with them to help them develop the skills they are going to need after high school" Timmerman says.

He's dedicated to his students.  In return he's highly respected and his care for each student doesn't go unnoticed.  Dan Johannsen, Director of Riverbend Academy, says "Jim's one of those special teachers that the kids know that he really cares about them.  He goes above and beyond, he goes out of his way to help these kids."

Encouraging his students every step of the way, Timmerman works with them to discover their full potential.  But, what's most rewarding are the small things.  "I think it has to do with the small successes.  When you get to really work with the same students for longer periods of time you get to know them and know how they work and what makes them successful" says Timmerman.

Congratulations Jim Timmerman, this week's Golden Apple Award winner.