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Women in Combat Decision Gets Approval at Home

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MANKATO, Minn. -

An historic announcement coming from the Pentagon today, as the U.S. military looks to lift the ban on women fighting in combat roles.
The exact details will still need to be worked out, but it's being viewed as a big step forward by women's rights activists. 
Captain Michael Rose with 2nd Battalion, 135th Infantry out of Mankato, says, "When it comes to them serving in combat roles, there's going to be no different, they're going to have to maintain the standards the same as those men are going to have to maintain our standards and that's how it will go forward. Really no effect on the policy that's already in place in the Army."

Captain Rose says he knows plenty of female soldiers that can beat the standards set for men... and the policy won't be implemented until 2016, as the brass figures out which combat roles in either armor, field artillery or infantry they want to place female personnel.

But the announcement itself is being hailed as a victory for a women's rights movement that started out pushing for something so simple as the right to vote.
Chair of the MSU Gender and Women's Studies department, Maria Bevacqua says, "Susan B. Anthony said: Man, his rights and nothing more. Woman, her rights, nothing less. I truly believe that she envisioned that women would share in all of the rights and all of the responsibilities of citizenship."

When it comes to responsibilities, it's going to be impossible to find something more consequential than going into battle.

Not that they aren't already there.

Captain Michael Rose says, "Six [female] soldiers in the Minnesota National guard, have received combat decorations, combat action badges and combat medical badges. Four females in the state of Minnesota have received Purple Hearts."