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Mankato Officials Say Stay Off The Ponds

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Mankato officials say there are about 57 ponds in the city that you cannot skate on. These outdoor sheets of ice may look tempting, but authorities want everyone to know the ponds aren't safe. It hasn't been a problem in the past, but officials found something amiss recently. City of Mankato Deputy Director of Public Works, Mary Fralish, said, "It had been shoveled off and I think there was a Christmas Tree out there in the middle for decoration. So, as soon as we noticed it, we really thought it was time to let people know that they are unsafe and that it isn't for recreation."

 Most of the ponds are not nearly so picturesque. What they do have in common is they were designed for a specific purpose. Mary Fralish, said, "(They) are constructed ponds that are part of our storm water treatment system. They collect water from runoff on the streets, sump pump water. All that water travels down the storm drains, through the treatment system, under drains, through the ponds themselves."

Officials say all those factors create very unstable ice on the surface of the collection ponds.