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Water and Sewer Rates on the rise in Fairmont

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Fairmont businesses and residents are going to have to find a way to shell out more cash starting next month.
The city is increasing water and sewage rates in an effort to pay for a new water treatment plant.
Running the faucet, along with using sewer service in the City of Fairmont is going to cost extra.
"It's the cost of doing business," said Jeff Lueth, plant manager for Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) in Fairmont.
A family of four will pay about $13 more dollars per month under the new rate increases. However, large industries using 200,000 cubic feet per water on a monthly basis will pay about $1,300 more per month.
"I think it's a long-term investment in our community, people can choose to conserve and lower their rate by conservation efforts," said Mike Humpal, Fairmont city administrator.
The new water treatment is being built at a cost of $31 million, and city officials say the utility rate increases are needed in order to help pay off the pricetag.
"It's not only pay the indebtedness or bond for our new water plant, but also for our general operating of our water and wastewater treatment plants," said Humpal.
With the extra water costs, Lueth says he will now have to re-analyze the company budget.
Lueth estimates ADS will now have to pay about $100 more per month in utilities.
"When you have increases, we have to continue to cut costs in other areas, but again I also understand progress--things have to keep moving on, and we need to keep improving facilities and structure, and again I trust that city officials are doing the right thing."
For smaller households, Fairmont city officials say a family of two can expect to pay an extra $9.50 more for utilities starting next month.