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His Final Message: How to Live an Ordinary Life in an Extraordinary way

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 It was a full–house at the Centennial Student Union Ballroom at MSU the room echoed with outburst of laughter from the man who is living each day like it is his last. He plans to continue sharing what he calls "The Last Lecture Series" as long as he can.

Lt. Col. Mark Weber says, " It would be one things if saving energy meant you could use it for something else but the cancer is slowly growing and so it's either I use it or lose it and I plan to use it."

Mark is a 1994 graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato. He served 23 years in the US Army but what happened at a routine physical began a two year battle that he was trained for fighting stage 4 intestinal cancer. The reason why "Tell My Sons evolved."

A book for his sons to turn to when their father is no long here to guide them.

Weber says, "I didn't want it to be a heavy story, I wanted it to be something they would want to return to without pain or suffering as they were looking for what would dad do?"

His goal is to help people deal with life with whatever hand your dealt even if you think it isn't fair.

Weber says, "If you can do something about it find purpose in it that it becomes a blessing instead of a curse call it making lemons out of lemonade this is life... we're all going to die mine is coming sooner but what are you going to do about it?"

Putting life into perspective, Weber discussed his strength, growth and inspiration for living comes through adversity and inspiring others along the way.

Weber says, "It makes me feel great. I feel like I am living with purpose now than In my entire life."