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MSU and St. Cloud Go Head to Head in Treadmill-a-thon

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Running on a treadmill is usually a pretty uncompetitiveactivity, but when you combine it with longtime rivalry, you get quite the healthy competition.

MSU faculty member Amanda Klanderman was running for MSU and said,"St. Cloud is kind of or arch nemesis, it's always been that way...We respect them and all of that, butwe still want to beat them."

It's called a treadmill–a–thon and every semester, MSU Mankatoand St. Cloud State University duke it out.

Carly Hopper with the MSU office of Campus Recreation said, "Theyhave a treadmill set up, and we have one set up, and our goal is to accumulatemore miles than they do."

During the 4 hour race, dozens of MSU students and staff tookturns on a single treadmill to leg out as many miles as they could, as fast asthey could.

Klanderman said, "It's go for it, everything you got ina short amount of time. Put it all on the line because you don't want to hopeof and think you could have had more."

Faculty member Jeff Pribyl said while running, "Good wayto get my workout in, good competition, a little fun, and now I'm out ofbreath."

MSU won the inaugural competition in the spring of 2011, butSt. Cloud has won the last two.

Klanderman said, "So that kind of made it a little bitmore easy to run fast."

And run fast she did, knocking out 3 miles in just over 20 minutes.

Klanderman said, "A 7 minute pace, so I am happy."

And if the long time rivalry wasn't enough motivation, forthe first time, at Thursday's competition runners could see their opponents running live on a TV screen.

Klanderman said, "It made it a little easier to try tobeat them, you can target that inner competitiveness and see if you am runningfaster than them."

Unfortunately, MSU Mankato didn't win this time around,losing to St. Cloud by just under two–and –half miles. But they say there arereally no losers in a healthy competition.

Along with bragging rights, for the win, St. Cloud will getto keep a traveling trophy at their campus for another semester.

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