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Minnesotans brave sub-zero temps

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Strong wind gusts, and below-zero mercury levels can put a test to your patience.

"I'm from California so this is horrible--I wish I was there, "said Priscila Garcia of Mankato.

Other Minnesotans such as David Wilson of Mankato say they're more tolerable of the temps.

"I'm working until 9 PM tonight outside," Wilson said.

Wilson said he knows how to cope with the cold, and says he doesn't let it bother him.

"I'm used to this," Wilson said. "If you're going to live in this state, I mean it's no new news to anybody that it's going to get cold and colder than usual sometimes and you just got to man up."

But other residents say the cold makes things difficult.

"Yeah I'm freezing, it's cold out," said Vincent Slager of Kasota. 

In fact with the current conditions, meteorologists say frostbite can take effect in as little as 10 minutes. And if you're one to complain about the cold, some Minnesotans have a few thoughts to pass along.

"Move," said Wilson. "I mean you live in this state--it gives you the four greatest seasons...this is part of the cold, this is what winter is about...we're going to have a gorgeous summer too, so if you can tough it out through the winter then this is worth it."