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Cold Temperatures Added Challenger For Crews Fighting Kasota Fire

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KASOTA, Minn. -

Work continued Friday on a house fire that started Thursdayin rural Kasota, with extremely cold temperatures adding to the challenge.

Bob Allen with the Kasota Fire Department says, "We didhave some problems with hoses freezing up, fortunately we didn't have anybodyin any dangerous situations when that happened, any firefighters inside thestructure or anything like that."

Cold temperatures also added to the challenge for crewsthemselves.

Allen said, "Fortunately we didn't have any frostbitebut as firefighters keep going and working on the fire you kind of forget howcold they are."

Crews fought the fire for 9 hours Friday, whentemperatures got as low as 8 below with wind–chills into the negative thirties.

Allen said, "They did have a rehab facility on site lastnight for all of our firefighters to be able to go into rehab and get checkedand make sure that they were ok and ready to come back in."

Then crews had to come back this morning and continue to workthroughout the day. The home belonging to Ruth Dutler, of Jerry Dutler's Bowl,appears to be a total loss, but steam coming off hot spots made it difficultfor firefighters to see exactly what they were dealing with.

Allen said, "As you can see in the background a lot ofsteam coming off from the heat and that creates a visibility problem."

The fire was still smoldering underneath, but there waslittle left to save.

Allen said, "At this point it doesn't make a lot ofsense to put a firefighter down in the basement to start digging through sowhat we are doing is just kind of blanketing over the top and sealing it off."

The cause of the fire has not been determined and remainsunder Investigation by the LeSueur County Sheriff's Office.

Allen said, "It is and extremely old house and ithas got a lot of history so it is real unfortunate to see this happen."