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Record Turn Out for Big Bobber Tournament

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On a day like this, Mike Burt says there is no excuse for missing the Big Bobber. Burt says, "I think you're stupid if you don't get out of the house and do something." An avid ice fisher, Burt's gone to the big bobber every year.

Last year's warm weather may have kept the big bobber off the ice, but this year they're making up for it with record attendance drilling more than 1,000 holes.

Hoping to raise more than 50,000 dollars today for MSU sports scholarships, tournament director Al Dorn says the funds help the school reel in excellent athletes. Dorn says, "Everybody in Mankato everybody in eh area benefits from it."

MSU baseball player Lucas Skjefte says," It's a lot of fun to come out and watch the teams." Burt says he's out here for two reasons; to support locals sports, and play one of his favorite sports.